Is there a dress code for the wedding?

When we googled wedding dress codes, the closest to the vibe we are going for is somewhere between "daytime semiformal", "festive attire" and "dressy casual" whatever those terms mean.

Shoot for a bit fancier than sweatpants, overalls (we're looking at you Howard Brickman) or track suits. Dress nice. Be comfortable. We have faith - you got this.

Are you planning to set up some way for guests to share their pictures of the wedding?

Yes! We'll be setting up a shared album on google photos. Email your preferred Google handle to brickdonagh@gmail.com and we will make sure that you are setup to view and contribute.

Is there a #weddinghashtag?

You can use any variation of #thebrickdonaghs #brickdonagh #brickdonaghwedding. We empower you with the creative freedom to riff and come up with something of your own. Surprise us.

What's with the short notice? Did my "Save-the-Date" get lost in the mail?

After three and a half years together, we've been functionally married for a while. We recently decided to jump in and go with an abbreviated wedding planning period. To borrow a famous line from 'When Harry Met Sally': "...when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

We do realize that the short notice may make planning tricky and for that, please accept our sincere apologies. We would love nothing more than to have you join us for our special day but we completely understand that you may have made other plans.

What's the deal with kids? How about +1s?

The venues for the ceremony and reception are on the smaller side. We are also mindful about keeping things more intimate so that we can have the opportunity to spend quality time with guests.

An unfortunate side effect there is that, beyond a few exceptions of family and wedding party members, we were not able to include invitations to all of the kids and +1s we would have liked when the invitations went to press. The addressee on the invitation is indicative of our current working estimate for your party.

...as RSVPs start to come in, we will have a much better sense of how we are doing in terms of capacity. If you are having trouble finding a sitter or have a similar dependency, please let us know and we will circle back to you when we have a sense of our headcount. We will do our best to include kids as we are able.

Will Gus and CeCe be attending the wedding?

Not likely. We're quirky but not that far gone. They will most definitely be there in spirit.

Are you planning to legally change your last names to BrickDonagh?

No. We do, however, plan on abusing and over using various versions of the hashtag #brickdonagh leading up to and during the festivities.

It's a social media thing. No need to change your holiday card mailing list. :)

How do I get in touch with the Bride and Groom?

You can feel free to email us individually at our personal email addresses or if you would like for us both to be in the loop, you can email our joint account at brickdonagh[at]gmail.com. Kara can be reached via phone/text at 617-875-7212.
Rebecca Bowen