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The BrickDonagh Honeyfund

We are honored you will share in our special day. Your presence is our present!

We are lucky to already have a home full of everything we need. Right now our focus is less on accumulating "stuff" with an eye on saving to buy a house in the (hopefully) near future. If you want to contribute towards that goal, feel free but do know that we meant what we said above - your friendship and support is the real gift.

Thanks for visiting and we can't wait to see you on our big day!
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The BrickDonagh Amazon Registry

Space is a premium in the city, so honestly there isn't a lot of stuff that we "need". There are some nifty gadgets that we wouldn't otherwise splurge on that we have pooling set-up for. Feel free to make a partial contribution to something larger than we would normally feel comfortable asking for.
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Rebecca Bowen